Why Go For Indian Fabric Brand?

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In the era of internet, the geographical boundaries are merely for the sake of having the number of countries in the world. Thus, you can get any foreign items from an online store from your country. The same applies to home fabrics as well. However, there are immense benefits of getting India fabrics, from the India itself.

We present several reasons for the same

1. Convenience

You can leisurely wait for your imported fabrics, to arrive after a week or fortnight if you are looking for a renovation in near future. However, this won’t work, if you are looking for serving the need for new fabric in a window of a small time period. Getting from a national home fabric store can be done in a matter of few days, and if it is in the same state, even one day is enough for the same.

2. Design Diversity

Indian designs range from traditional Mughal inspired designs to latest contemporary designs. So, you can get a wide range of products in the Indian market. The diversification in the foreign home fabrics is kind of monotonous in comparison.

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3. Price

The price is yet another big factor which, Indian home fabrics wins with high score. Even if the product itself is not costly, the shipping charges make a huge hole in the pocket for sure. Though several foreign-based stores do offer free delivery, they do so, only upon a purchase of high value of the sum. For Indian fabric stores, these terms and conditions do not apply.

4. Authenticity

If you are looking at Indian prints, a foreign market is not the place. The authentic, traditional designs such as floral, Tanjor, Madhubani and Mysore prints etc are available only in the Indian market.

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5. Aditional perks

Almost every online store, offers a return policy, in the case found unsuitable to form the client’s end. The process is extremely smooth for the home fashion stores in India. Moreover, even it the foreign brands offer the same perk, getting one item exchanged cross nation-wise is a more tiresome job than it sounds.

6. Discount

India is a land of festivals. Needless to say, on various festive occasions, most of the home fabrics shop offers deals and discounts to motivate people to get new fabrics. The same won’t be prevalent for a foreign.

Thus, the home furnishing stores of India are much better options to stick with as compared to foreign suppliers or brands.

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