What Makes the Adore Collection So Special?

“One yard of fabric like one cookie is NEVER enough”

We all can verify the fact about cookies ourselves and needless to say, the anonymous person who quoted this awesome line knew exactly the delight of shopping fabrics.  Certainly, you all must have, at some point or the other, experienced the same, especially when you buy curtains online. Let it be doors or windows, these usually exist in multiple numbers and thus, you simply can’t just take one (a new curtain for only one window does not seem very fair for the other windows).

Keeping this fact in mind, we, at Skipper Home Fashions, have launched a very special collection of fabrics, named ‘Adore’ just for you. Just as the name suggests, the collection offers a range of adorable fabrics for your home sweet home. Now, we understand that getting the same, routine curtains is not trendy anymore and thus, at adore you will get the following unique pattern of the fabric.


Well, living in metro cities comes with many perks but as a counter price, the closest we get to a garden is limited to the wall hanging paintings. Thus, get these floral curtains and escape into the beauty of nature.

Floral Adore Collection - Skipper Home Fashions


Now it is a must-have pattern fo everyone. The geometric pattern is one of those fabrics patterns that complements well both to home and office looks. So get few extra pieces of the same, as their beauty might compel you to replace the existing ones with these.

Geometric Adore Collection - Skipper Home Fashions


It is the newest sensation in both worlds of the art and pattern. The abstract curtains in this collection are mostly in the long vertical pattern in awesome, colorful blends. It makes the room appears little taller as well.

Abstract Adore Collection - Skipper Home Fashions

The irresistible patterns, heavy discount and incomparable quality of the fabrics in the collection ’Adobe’ makes it is must have in this shopping season. It calls out for every fabric lover towards itself. Thus, when you are up to buy curtains online from this particular collection, get whatever patterns suits your taste the most, or even better get a different set for every room and see how it goes.

Don’t be scared of mix and match and trying new blends, after all, there is no ‘home décor police’ and with a bit of luck, you may actually end up setting a unique trend on your own, how else do you think every new fashion came into existence?

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