What are the Important Things to Consider Before Buying Made To Measure Curtains for Your Home?

Made to Measure Curtains

Made to measure curtains can transform the entire look of your home. Instead of buying a new furniture or performing costly home improvements, simply update your curtains to achieve a new look for your house in the new year. Let us consider some important facts that should be taken into consideration to choose it wisely.

  1. Choose the right fabric for your curtains. Cotton is an all-time favorite because it’s versatile and easy to clean. You can opt for velvet to add a luxurious feel while sheers add elegance but lack privacy. Interlining is always preferred irrespective of the fabric that you have chosen. It adds volume to the curtains making it look fuller and richer. It also makes the curtain more energy efficient by keeping away cold during winters and keeping it cool during summers.
  2. Next, comes the selection of colors and patterns of curtains according to your room. The selection of pattern depends completely on an individual’s choice. Try to create a perfect balance such as bright colored curtains for a dark colored wall and vice versa. You can play with patterns by using plain curtains on textured walls and printed curtains on plain walls.
  3. Another key point to remember is the length and width of curtains. Made to measure curtains allow you to customize the curtain’s length and width as per your choice. For measuring the width, make sure to add four to eight inches on both sides. The length of the curtain varies for e.g. puddling curtains gives a more traditional look while a panel fall flush with the floor adds a modern touch.
  4. You should also consider if the curtain can be washed at home or a dry cleaning is required. It can save both time and money in the long run. A high quality of satin or velvet curtains needs to be dry cleaned only and cannot be washed at home. Cotton and other daily fabrics can be easily washed at home. Always select it as per your convenience.
  5. In addition, wise selection of curtain headings and other decors can further enhance the look. Some popular ones include eyelets, laptops, waves, pencil pleats, back tabs, goblet pleats, pole pockets, and tiebacks.

Remember all the above points before making a selection. Do your homework well to get the perfect curtains for your home that can serve you for years.

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