Use Your Creativity Effectively to Make a Small Room Look Bigger!

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A small space is beautiful and at the same time challenging to make it look bigger. From bedroom that is barely big enough to fit a bed to a living room that has to accommodate dining area or a TV, to arrange everything that you need into a small place is not easy. You need to use your creativity to fit everything and at the same time make it look more spacious. A smart move is required and everyone faces this situation at least once.

Small Room Look Bigger

Let us look at some clever tips and tricks to make your tiny room look and feel larger than life.

  1. Make Use of light colors than bright or dark ones on the walls. Go for White, offwhite, pastels and neutrals which expands the space visually.
  2. Make use of large mirrors. Mirrors can do magic and its reflection makes a room look bigger. Place it to cover the sliding closet doors.
  3. Make Use of sleek pieces of furniture such as sofa or chair with showing legs which creates a sense of light and space. Go for multifunctional furniture.
  4. Buy same color furniture as walls, use different shades of the same color. The furniture will blend with the colors of the walls and widen the space.
  5. Leave your windows uncovered or use lightweight curtains or blinds for the window as walls color. Take advantage of natural light as much as you can.
  6. Make Use of strips on the floor as it makes a room appear like it goes on forever. A striped carpet will do wonders.
  7. A big piece of artwork sometimes adds a lot of drama to a small place and make it look bigger. One big artwork instead of several small ones are recommended.
  8. A glass or clear dining or end table works better than any other type as it gives an open and free space.
  9. Leave a little air in between the sides of furniture and the walls as it creates a sense of roominess except for a bed.
  10. Go with verticals than horizontals as it increases the sense of openness. For example a tall and open bookshelf or a hanging bulb.
  11. Use a clear shower curtain in a tiny bathroom.
  12. Use rugs to separate a small room into different smaller spaces. For example, a study area in a living or bedroom can be created using rugs.

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