Unique Flowery Shower Curtain- Purchase Online Shower Curtain

Online shopping is a common trend. Everyone in this present economic system tries to optimize their budget. In online stores, you can find several deals that help you to purchase your desirable products within your budget. Other than the slashed price, purchasing from online stores reduces your additional expenses like traveling expense, refreshment charges, etc.

Home furnishing materials are one of the most common products in the online stores. Shower curtains are desirable among the customers who like sophistication while decorating their houses. You can purchase online shower curtains in various online curtain stores in Kolkata. There are several curtain stores in Kolkata, that offer a unique user experience in their online shopping portals.

In spite of this hectic life there are lots of men and women who are eager to decorate their holy nest with the products made by them. If you are among those, then this DIY tutorial is just for you. Today we are going to create flowery shower curtains with several home supplies.

Necessary things which are going to be used:

  • White Shower Curtain
  • Red flower printed fabrics
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Tape
  • White net

Step-1: Cut the red printed flower from fabric

In this first step, you need to cut flowers using scissor from the flower printed fabrics . While cutting the flower it is necessary to be precise and accurate. You need to cut the proper shape of those printed flowers from the fabric.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-2: Arrange those flowers on the white shower curtain

In this step, you need to measure equal and proper space before sewing those flowers. It depends on your choice how you want to arrange the flowers. In our illustration, we have arranged them diagonally.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-3: Stitch the flowers

Now you need to stitch the red flowers which are cut from the red flower printed fabric with the sewing machine on that white shower curtain.

 Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-4: Cut the white net

In this step, we cut the white net according to the curtain size.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-5: Sew white net on curtain

It is the final step of this process . The white net is attached with the white curtain. You need to stitch that net from the very top of the curtain so that it looks like there is just a single curtain.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Your unique red flowery curtain is ready to hang on your washroom. If you like to make it yourself, you have this tutorial as a helpful partner.However, in case you’re feeling lazy, you can find a unique collection from online shower curtain store in Kolkata.

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