The Transformation of Dinning Coasters and Mats

Food itself is a wonder in the world, which makes everything associated with it delicious and pleasant as well. Well, everything except the stains it leaves behind if it spills on the table or tablecloths. After all, who likes to live with the mess? These are extremely useful for both personal and restaurant use, and thus, you can easily find these in any store dealing with home furnishings in Kolkata.

The table mats and coasters protect the table cover from scuffs, burns, stains and water mark. In simple words, it saves your pain of changing the damaged table clothes every now and then. But for how long it has been used in households in early civilization?

Coasters and Mats

It is obvious that table mats were invented after the table cloth; and mainly to protect the table cloth itself. So it is not as old as 2000 years, but it became a reliable product ever since its importance was realized. It was called sliders in the early days, as the person slides it away on one side before stepping away from the table after a meal.

During the dynasties for several Chinese emperors, the mats were usually made up of thick slabs of stone, marble, malachite or porcelain and later of thick insulating fabrics. With time, the material used for making these changed greatly. Mass production of coasters and mats were done out of bamboo, wood, knits, cotton and linen began as people began to understand its importance.

Coasters made up of fancy beads, glass and plastic mats are the most recent ones that you can find today. It often comes in various geometric patterns such as square, round, oval and also random shapes. These mats are mostly flexible, which can be easily folded for better space utilization.

Coasters and Mats


Today you can find these mats and coasters as a fashion, complimentary along with being useful. Several mats come with fun quotes and writable ones are served in restaurants to kill time as they wait for their order to show up.

It is exceptionally useful in households having children or pets, as they just love to make a mess especially when it comes to food. Just like dinnerware, you will a get a set of same, similar or complimenting table mats from any home furnishing store in Kolkata.

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