Transform Old Bed Sheet Into New, Stunning Kaftan Maxi

You all must be spending a great deal of time in shopping new home fabrics for your sweet home. You buy bed sheet online in India, during this upcoming festive season, but what creative can you do with the old ones, which are still doing pretty good?

Instead of discarding it out completely, why not make something useful out of it? So, while you buy bed sheet online in India and flaunt it on your bed, we present you a tutorial to make a kaftan maxi out of your old one.

Let’s get started..

Materials required

  • 1 twin sized bed sheet
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine/ needle
  • Scissors tracing paper
  • 3-4 buttons
  • Ribbon (optional)


1. Wash and iron the bed sheet

Bring out an old bed sheet (preferably a twin sheet) wash it and afterward iron it to remove any curls in the cloth as it can affect the measurement. Though the final dress material can be washed as well, it is better to start with a clean piece of bed sheet. A central designing bed sheet is recommended for an excellent result, though a regular one would do as well.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

2. Measure and mark the neckline

Take out the proper measurement of the neckline and mark the same on the bed sheet (while keeping it folded in a quarter). Cut out and stitch the same and make a small slit lengthwise in the front, stitch it along with few buttons.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

3. Take proper cross section and mark

Take an estimated measure of waist, bust and other necessary body portions. Since it is a maxi dress, you might not want to make it too tight and keep the contour quite uniform. Fold the bed sheet in half lengthwise and then breadth-wise. Half the measurement and mark the same from the lengthwise axis.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

4. Stitch across the mark

As the kaftan dress requires very minimal cutting, skip the cutting and move straight to stitching. Make sure not to do the stitching inside out, as it would be the exactly opposed to a kaftan style. Use a sewing machine for faster and more accurate result. Don’t panic if you don’t have one or non-functioning machine at the moment, needle and thread would just do fine.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

5. Add ribbon (optional)

If you like fancy, then make 2 small slit on each side of the waist contour and pass along a long ribbon. It is better to go for a dark coloured ribbon to keep it highlight and sew it across the cross section to secure it.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

The kaftan maxi dress is ready. Wear it as a leisure cloth and enjoy the comfort while buying home fabrics online.

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