Things to Consider Before Purchasing your Curtains

Curtain, like any other interior fabric, is neglected in terms of compatibility with the type of house and era. Usually, no one thinks so much before buying curtain online . Well, even if you consider, let me remind you them again. So, the various factors you should consider before purchasing your curtains are listed below:

Color Contrast: The first and foremost thing one should consider while buying a curtain is Contrast. The present age is of colors. Just like your Kurti needs a complementary legging, your house also requires a curtain which will embrace the interior.


As in the picture, the wall has a darker shade, so for a shade like this, you are suggested to use a curtain which has a lighter shade or any bright shade that compliments the background such as Off-white, Turquoise, Peach, Yellow with lace etc.

Well, different curtains are made for different rooms, so the suggestions for different rooms are given below:

Front Door: Look for an elegant and classic piece for the front door as you have the only front entrance.

Living Room: This is the place where all your guests settle themselves and also which goes through the first impression test. Suggestions are while buying curtains online try to blend colors and keep the overall look fresh, warm and light.

Bedroom: This is indeed a personal room for the one who owns it. It should be arranged as per the owner preferences so as to represent them. Well, if it is a couple’s room suggestion are to have darker curtains; look for Maroon or Grey or Red for the same. The set of contemporary colors are just made for them.

Kids Room: Needless to say, these are really easy to guess. Every kid has his own favorite cartoon or hero. So, look for printed animation of their favorite cartoon character and bright colored curtains. Kids hate boring things.

Bathrooms: Well, this is another important room. The curtains here have to be of those colors which will give it fresh and revitalized feel. They are basically, White, Ash, Sky Blue, Glass green, etc.

Shower Curtains

So we’ve across the curtain suggestions that you can use to decorate your home and make it alive. Now if you are wondering where to get curtains like these, well, there are a number of amazing home décor shops across Kolkata where you can avail them or you can buy curtains online.

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