Spice Up Your Home and Interiors This Monsoon

You may or may not be a Pluviophile, but rain loves us all. No matter how distant you try to be from it, it catches up with you and often makes its way in your home as well, especially the muddy, messy floor are mostly notable gifts from the rain.

In India, we are currently in between rains and thunders, so, here we bring some interior home décor that will rock the monsoon while keeping it cozy. So, buy upholstery fabric in India and enjoy the monsoon.

1. Doormat

As already mentioned, the rain indirectly makes our floor and floorboards messy if not addressed properly. So, keep in mind to get buy door mats online and toss them on both the outside and inside of main entrance. Keep one with rubber backing for the outdoor purpose, and cloth backing for in the indoor purpose to avoid slipping. Also, use carpet for covering the wooden floor to soak any moisture present and thereby avoid damage of floorboard.


2. Curtains

Watching rain while reading a book and sipping coffee is an amazing experience. Make it even richer by installing light, flowy, lacy curtains on the windows and doors as well for any door facing the garden, backyard or balcony. Preferably buy translucent curtains online to enhance this experience and facilitate ventilation. Though stick with blackout curtain for the bedroom if you are a light sleeper.


3. Table Mats and Coaster

Rain, coffee, and snack, all go hand in hand. Being impeded in the essence of rain, often we become clumsy. So, get table coasters and table mats to stay on-guard and deal with the spills of coffee and fries. Preferably keep a multicolored set, so that it can sustain spillage and stain of a variety of food items and beverages.

Table Mats & Coasters

4. Duvets

Though rains would not give you chills in hot humid regions, it certainly drops the surrounding temperature and it becomes quite cold especially in the hilly regions. So, get a couple of duvets or thin quills to enjoy a comfy night’s sleep or days. That’s the beauty of rainy days after all.



5.Laundry bags

Though it may look quite odd on the list, think logically. Rain makes dirt and mud, and these make their way to our clothes some way or other. It’s especially effortless when it comes to young children or playful teens. Thus, a separate laundry bag is a must have to separate the mud clothes that need an immediate wash from the ones that need a routine wash.


Laundry Bags

So, make your list and buy upholstery fabrics to rock the monsoon in India this year.

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