Skipper DIY Tutorial – Handmade Bath Mat

We all love shower times, especially during summers. Thanks to these little bath mats, which protect our floor from getting wet. You can find these exclusive range of bath mats at our home furnishing stores across India.

But today, we are going to guide you to make homemade bath mats with recyclable materials. All you need to buy for this mat is a gridding mat or rug canvas. The rest of the materials you can easily find in your house.

Materials Required

  • 3 used towels
  • Gridded mat or rug canvas
  • Scissors

So, here we go!

Step 1. Gather three used towels

In order to make budget friendly, homemade mat, you need to find three used towels, preferably of the same color. We chose white. You can use the towels, which you were going to be discarded anyways.

Skipper - DIY Tutorial

Step 2. Wash and dry the towels

Even though the material is recycled, your product is going to be new, so wash the towels properly and dry them before proceeding to nest step.

Skipper - DIY Tutorial

Step 3. Cut a gridding mat as per measurement

You can find this two-dimensional gridding mat at craft shops. Cut the canvas as per your convenient dimension.

Skipper - DIY Tutorial

Step 4. Cut into thin straps

Take one towels, place it flat on the table and cut straps of 1 inch dimension. Repeat this process for the remaining three towels.

Skipper - DIY Tutorial

Step 5. Cut into small pieces

Cut each of these straps to obtain towel pieces of 1×6-inches measurements.

Skipper - DIY Tutorial

Step 6. Tie into the rug canvas

Make a knot of these pieces on the rug canvas and make sure they all face on same side.

Skipper - DIY Tutorial

Your handmade bathroom mat is ready to roll. So place it on the bathroom floor and enjoy your shower.

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