Simple to Elegant Curtains – Online Curtain Store DIY Tutorial

Window is the gateway for beginning a day as the mild rays of sun peeps through it and it also hints at the end of the time by the feigning light of moon. Curtains are the veil that adds beauty in it. Our site already has lots of budget friendly, unique and gorgeous curtains; but if you are looking for something more personalized; here we are with an online curtain store DIY tutorial.

Recently we have discussed several tutorials from Pom Pom curtains to Gypsy curtains or old curtains in a new look. But today, we are with something unique in the form of a tutorial where we’ll turn a simple curtain to unique in few steps. In the quest, we will be using the following home supplies.

Things you’ll require:

  • 54″ x 84″ window panels {one per window}
  • Two yards of coordinating patterned fabric
  • Wide ribbon
  • one package of fusible webbing tape
  • An iron
  • Sewing machine

Step 1: Cut Patterned Fabric to be 20% of the entire curtain

First, the entire window panel’s 54″ x 84″ is cut into two equal’s proportionate halves. Then you need to use Fusible Webbing tape to finish the sides perfectly. Make an inch’s fold to join both ends with fusible webbing. Then the patterned fabric should be hemmed and ironed.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step 2: Sew the patterned fabric on the top of curtain

In this step, you should attach the fabric with the solid color portion by using glue or by using the sewing machine. The ultimate purpose is to stitch or join the two parts in such magnificent manner that it becomes impossible for the observers to distinguish them.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step 3: Put a ribbon to cover up sewed area of patterned fabric

This can be considered as the final stage. In this stage, the ultimate need is to make your curtain perfectly beautiful. The only thing left is to cover up the stitched or sewed area by putting a ribbon. Doing so will not only helps in hiding that sewed area, but also helps in creating something more attractive and astonishing for the viewer. In this stage, you can attach the ribbon to the fabric with the use of the fusible webbing tape.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

The elegant curtain is ready to flaunt! Now you can be your own teacher with the help of this tutorial. Be perfect, be beautiful! Hang elegant curtains in your window and surprise your special one without entering an online curtain store.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

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