Reasons to Prefer Fabric Towel Over Paper Towel

Hand towels have been in use for a pretty long time. Earlier, people used to use the tablecloth as the had towel itself, but thankfully things changed for better. Today, hand towels are a crucial part of everyone’s toiletries and kitchen. It is also an essential in every traveler’s backpack. But there are two types of hand towels available in the market, the ones made from fabric and the ones from the paper.

Due to being easily disposable, people often turn to paper towels, however, it has the inconvenience of its own. Let us present some of the reasons why you should go for the fabric towel instead of paper towels.

1. Reusable

The main advantage of fabric towel is that you won’t need to purchase it in a bulk. Merely 2 pieces of the same would be sufficient. While the first one gets dirty and processed for cleaning, the second one can be put to use. A simple wash will make it as good as new, while the paper towel cannot be used for once or twice.

Skipper Hand Towel

2. Cost

The price of a couple of paper towels is quite cheap in comparison to the fabric counterparts. However, since the number of paper towel, is needed in an excess amount, the overall budget for paper towels is quite high as compared to fabric towel. While the cost-effective paper towels will run out, the fabric towels will keep on serving you.

3. Environmental friendly

Both the cotton for fabric towel and paper for towel comes from plants itself, the green score of fabric towel is quite high. The difference of the resources required to produce each of them might not seem very significant. However, the need of an entire family or even a single individual for a significant amount of time will come out as quite hight. Thus, a large number of the forests are chopped down to meet the demand.

Hand Towel - Skipper

4. Amount of waste

A large amount of paper towel implies a larger amount of waste, which indirectly puts a burden on the landfills. Their scope of recycling is almost nill, being extremely dirty and messy. However, the fabric towel can be recycled and used are rag cloth for routine clothes, after the fabric has served its purpose as a hand towel.

Thus, going for the fabric towels, not only helps to resize your budget but also helps the environmental factor.

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