Quoted Pillow Covers – Online Cushion Covers DIY Tutorial

In this economical system, every household wants to save her money. They look to decorate their house with fabrics that fits within their budget. If you belong to the category of women who like to decorate home, the pocket-friendly way, it’s time to make quoted pillows at home by buying online cushion covers in India!

We’ve covered various DIY Tutorials on different designs that you can make for pillow covers. But each time there is something new to learn and this time is not at all exception. Hence, we’re going to make quoted cushion covers in this DIY Tutorial.

Materials you’ll require:

  1. Linen pillow case & pillow
  2. Letter stencils
  3. Sharpie or fabric marker
  4. Ruler
  5. Tape
  6. Pencil

Step 1: Place the word in a proper arranged manner on the pillow case

First, you need to place the letters according to their quotation, but by leaving a well proportionate gap and equal space between each letters and lines. You can write the quotation on the cushion cover by placing the stencil on the fabric. The measurement must be handled carefully; as it can be a mess if the measurement or the space between lines or letters is not uniform.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step 2: Write the desired quotation

Darken and fill up the stencils with the sharpie marker. Then pull out the letter stencils and erase the pencil’s marks, if any. It is an important stage to perform. Hence, you should be careful in executing this step.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step 3: Put the pillow inside the cover

It is the final phase of your work. Here just cover up the pillow with your hand made pillow case. Now see how your audience react; whether it is family or friends who praise your effort. Try different quotes in different cushions to create a versatile quotation theme. What did it take to make trendy cushion fabrics? Just some pocket-friendly online cushion covers and your creativity!

Skipper DIY Tutorial

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