Play with Velvet Cushions this Holiday Season and Add Luxury to your Home

Cushions are the simplest and most effective way to transform the look of a room. They can be used in different places including a sofa, an armchair, a bed and so on. In houses where the wall are painted white or neutral, a cushion can add a color element without spending much on other expensive home furnishings. You can bring a change whenever you wish by simply changing the cushion cover. Holiday has begun and this is the time when we have get-togethers at home with family and friends. We spend quality time with our loved ones without any work-related stress.

phoenix collection

Skipper Home Fashions bring to you a whole new collection of Phoenix Velvet Cushion covers keeping the holiday season in mind. Make use of these trendy and stylish cushion covers to add a luxurious feel to your home. But why should you buy from the skipper? Well, there are pretty good reasons.

a) Never Ending Range: Phoenix is the newest collection and in addition to the velvet cushions. With so many attractive colors and designs, we are confident that at least one will definitely catch your eye. We offer a wide range of traditional, contemporary, abstract and geometric designs to choose from in a variety of colors.

b) Luxurious Texture in Style: We have decided on the texture keeping winter season in mind. Velvet is an obvious choice for the winter season. We are playing with the colors of purple, brown, beige, maroon and black with Phoenix. These rich and jewel tone of colors resembles celebration of togetherness in a luxurious way.

c) Mix and Match: Match Phoenix with a subtle plain or textured velvet cushions and create a contrasting effect. You can also play with different sized cushions to add drama to the entire place. The design possibilities are endless and can be transformed by just adding or subtracting a cushion.

d) Affordable Price: Luxury at an affordable cost sounds indifferent. Trust us, these cushion covers will not burn a big hole in your pocket and investment in one or few of these is definitely the worth.

Why not pop in and view the variety that we offer at our nearby shop. Feel it yourself and then believe in your eyes as to how luxurious they are. Our advisors will guide you in selecting the perfect one according to your need.

Happy Shopping!

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