Why You Need to Have the Black PVC Doodle Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Winter is almost gone and summer will surround us in a matter of weeks. One advantage summer has, which most of the people would agree, is the fact that we are finally free from the terror of showers. There is no denying that shower becomes a painful time for most folks in winters. But now that summer is about to rock, get ready to enjoy long leisure hours in the bathtub, which most certainly calls you to go for an online shower curtain.

Of course it is likely that you already have a shower curtain in your bathroom, but it’s never too early to change into something new and better. So, if you are looking for online shower curtain, you can get several options; but you simply cannot resist this black PVC doodle shower curtain.

Black PVC Doodle Shower Curtain - Skipper

Here are some of the reasons why this should positively have its place in your bathroom.

The right size and the right color blend

The shower curtain comes in the size of 70×78 inches. It is designed to fit your shower area.

It is designed in black upon a white background. Even being the most ancient color combination of black and white, it is simply the top-notch designer shower curtain that you can possibly find.

More than just privacy

Often people like to read or play games in the toilet. This black doodle shower curtain comes with printed fun doodles for you to read and enjoy while you shower.

And the coolest fact is that the messages itself are related to bathing, which makes you enjoy the shower even more.

Material and mass

It is made up of Polyvinyl Chloride. It is the best material for shower curtains. Being water resistant, it mitigates the need for any inner plastic sheet to protect the floor. Also the material, PVC, makes it very light weighted, weighing only 500 g.

Easy to clean

The material that helps you clean yourselves more conveniently should not be difficult to clean itself. Keeping this in mind, the black doodle shower curtain has been designed to make it clean easily. It is machine washable in normal water. However, bleaching is off the limits for the longevity of the shower curtain.

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