Make Your Own Velvet Window Curtain – DIY Tutorial

DIY Tutorial - Skipper Home Fashions

Home furnishing materials are important goods in every household. Often it is observed that the used fabrics are discarded as wastage. But it is not a wise decisions. Imagine how good it will be, if you can recycle your used bed sheet fabrics or curtain fabrics. It will not only saves your expenditure regarding purchase, but will also help you to create unique collections of your own.

There are several Home Furnishing Stores in India, from where you can buy curtains online. But as per discussion, if you want to create something unique, using some used materials,along with our DIY tutorial can be helpful to you. In this tutorial, we are going to make a velvet designer window Curtain, using some worn velvet bed cover fabric and a plain/light designed bed sheet.

Materials required:

  • Purple Velvet Bed Cover Fabric
  • Any White based design fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissor
  • Iron
  • Tape
  • Marker pen

Step: 1 Take proper measurements of the window’s length and width

In this step, first you need to take the proper measurements of length and width according to the size of the window, by using a tape.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step: 2 Cut the bed cover as per the required size

Then, take the purple bed cover and cut it as per the size, by using scissors.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step: 3 Cut the one fourth part of the length of plain bed sheet

Then, take the white simple designed bed sheet and cut that. The size will be the one fourth length of the entire curtain. It is recommended to use a tape to take proper size.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step: 4 Iron the bed sheet fabric

In this step, you need to iron the bed sheet in order to straightened any crumbles that occurs while Washing or drying Take note that If the fabric is not smooth, then it will become troublesome to stitch it on the velvet bed cover.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step: 5 Stitch the two parts

After all these, you need to stitch the plain white fabric on the velvet bed cover part which is cut earlier as per the size of window, by using a sewing machine.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

It is important to keep in mind we are making this curtain by our used products,so leave two inches of space while stitching, in order to accommodate room for the rings and curtain rods. Now your handmade curtain is ready to use. Hang it on the window and take pleasure over your creativity.

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