Make Teddy Cushion Covers – Home Furnishing DIY Tutorial

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Children are the charm of the houses. Each and every one stays eager to have a glimpse of smiling face of their children. It will be quite amazing for your kids if you arrange a surprise for them. Don’t worry about the expenses, sometimes even a dime of expense can bring ample amount of happiness.

Now the question is what will be the perfect surprise gift for your kid? The best would be go for something of their choice; something that you make with your own hands.

Every kid, especially baby girls are fond of teddies. Teddy bears remain their loyal companion to fight the ‘monster under the bed’.

In Home Furnishing store in India, you can find several supplies that will assist you in making teddy bear cushion covers at home.

So, in this tutorial we are going to make the teddy cushion cover.

Essential materials:

  • Sky color fabric-based Cushion Cover
  • White color fabric
  • Baby Pink color fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissor
  • A pencil
  • Eye, mouth and nose piece of Teddy
  • Fabric Glue
  • A teddy’s image

Step-1: Draw a teddy

In this step, first you need to draw a teddy on white as well as on pink fabric by using the teddy’s image. It is good to cut the image of the teddy from entire picture. Then you place it on white fabric and can draw the outline sketch. Following the similar way, you can draw another teddy shape on baby pink fabric.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-2: Cut the shape and sew the corner

In this step, cut the different colored teddy-shapes from the respective fabrics. After cutting the pieces, stitch the corners to ensure that it remains intact.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-3: Stitch the two teddy shape on the sky color cushion cover

In the next step, the two perfect teddy shape are to be stitched on ready-made sky blue cushion cover. It is recommended to stitch the white first and then attach the second shape with some artistic view. If you are new to this handmade fabric thing, you can stitch them side by side as well.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-4: Place the eye and nose of those two teddies

In this final step, the eye and the nose are attached on those two shapes. It is advised to use fabric glue to place the eyes and nose piece.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Your teddy cushion cover is ready for your kid’s bedroom.

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