‘Made To Measure’ Crafted For Pleasure

In the era of customization, don’t you wish that you could get everything exclusively tailored and customized, just for you? It is tempting when it comes to several aspects, but, it is particularly true when you go for shopping. Now, several times you get what you want while the rest of the time, you have to settle for the ones the home décor shop offers you in the name of ready made curtains.

However, you will have no complaints or regret when you get customized and unique ready made curtains from the section ‘Made to measure’ offered exclusively from the Skipper Home Fashions. This one of a kind collection that enable you to literally get customized curtains and blinds that your home.

Made to Measure - Skipper Home Fashions

Why Made To Measure?

The title itself unlocks the potential of this collection. If you place an order from this collection, you can get customized curtains or blinds exactly as per the dimension of your door or window. Apart from simply choosing between measurements, curtain type or blind type, you can get it customized for heading type as well. You can pick between tab top, eyelet and pinch pleat.

You can also add a layer of lining, in case you are looking for a bit more privacy than the fabric offers. If you fancy making curtain on your own entirely, you can purchase, the fabric of any length and get started. And as a finishing touch, you get various measurement options for cushion covers in the same fabric.

At Skipper Home Fashions, we believe everyone is different and has different needs. Thus, the collection ‘made to measure’ has been crafted accordingly.  With a diversified very collection, we are ready to rock the doors and windows of your home. Through the collection ‘made to measure’, we offer you buying options from a range of fabrics, patterns and colors.

Made to Measure

In terms of prints and patterns, you have floral and leaf prints, random, abstract patterns, geometric patterns, contemporary designs and lots more. In terms of color, you have choices ranging from all the colors of VIBGYOR to black and white to the not so common colors such as lavender and cream colors. In terms of fabric type, you can go with damask in case you are looking for privacy, ideally for bedrooms. Or, you can stick with other options as per your choice.

The only thing that you will regret will be the fact that you couldn’t bagged enough of it! So as we say, enjoy the ‘made to measure’, as it has been crafted exclusively for your pleasure.

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