Know the Difference Between a Comforter, Dohar, and Duvet


It’s freezing outside and half of the globe is covered under the layer of winter. We all look for a warm bed and cozy blankets to keep ourselves warm in this freezing temperature. A bedroom is the most comfortable place of our home as it is the resting place after a busy day at work. It is essential to keep your bedroom warm and cozy for a good night sleep. There are many bedding accessories to choose from and selecting the best one as per your requirement sometimes becomes tricky. It is important to understand the difference between them to make the right choice as per your use. It can save you a lot of money and result in a gorgeously dressed bed.

Most people get confused between a comforter, dohar, and duvet. Therefore, let us first find the difference between them to come to a conclusion.



The comforters, as the name suggests, are simply comfortable and ensures a good night sleep. It is generally used when it is extremely cold as it is quite thick. The thickness determines how heavy the comforter will be. They are filled with layers of wool, silk, polyester, or feathers. These filling are stitched evenly and equally distributed. Sometimes quilted but it is different from a quilt. They also serve the purpose of a bedspread at times. They come in different sizes including twin, full, queen and king sizes respectively.


Dohar Collection

Dohar is a traditional Indian summer blanket with three layers of mulmul, an airy and breathable finest cotton. This is very soft and comfortable. These blankets are meant for less cold nights of winter. They come in trendy style with distinct prints. You can match the dohar prints and colors with the colors used in your bedroom. They are also termed as a ‘razai’ in Hindi. They are also available in all standard sizes.


Duvet Collection

Duvets were originated in Europe and soon became popular. Now, it is being used all over the world. They are quite famous and also used as a coverlet or bedcover. These are very comfortable and fluffy to touch and looks like a cover filled with pillows. Traditionally they are available in white and therefore, a cover is often used to keep it clean.

After knowing the difference in between the three, it is now easier to pick the one of your choice and requirement. Skipper Home Fashions can help you select the best one for you. Visit them to avail this facility.

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