Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Bedsheet For Your Bedroom

A bedsheet used to consider as a necessity earlier but now it has become a matter of the aesthetic appeal. If you are using a whole white bedsheet then be ready to be surprised. You will be amazed at the options available in the market. You can add a lot of style and pattern to your bedroom with a new bedding. In addition, you can add extra comfort as well by choosing from a wide variety available. Let us see what should be kept in mind while selecting the best one from so many.

  1. Size: Always choose your bedsheet according to the size of your bed. The standard sizes include single, double, queen and king. Be careful if you are buying a cotton one as it shrinks over a period of time. So buy a bigger size in case of cotton. Keep in mind the depth of your mattress while selecting one, even the standard sizes do not account for the same.
  2. Fabric: There is a wide range of bedsheets available from pure cotton to mixed ones. Cotton bedsheets are most preferred, especially, in India. It is the most expensive one as well because of its softness, anti-allergic properties, and superior quality. The other popular ones are polyester, silk, and Egyptian cotton. There are many other options available online but you should be careful while picking them. Do consider the climatic condition of your region while its selection.
  3. Pattern: The pattern of bedsheets vary a lot and there are never-ending prints and designs that are available on the market. The options available include florals to stripes, checks to solids and much more. The latest design in fashion is the 3D pattern. The 3D pattern adds a life and an element to the room.
  4. Thread Count: Thread count means the number of thread per square inch of the bedsheet. Greater the thread count, finer and softer will be the fabric. Never buy bedsheet with less than 150 thread count.
  5. Weave Type: There are different types of weaves such as standard, satin, twill and so on. With a standard weave, a minimum thread count of 150 is considered soft and smooth. Satin weave is silky and soft but lacks durability. Twill weave is heavier with fewer chances of wrinkles. The premium ones include Jacquard and Damask.

By considering these points, you can surely choose the best one for your bedroom. You can also buy bedsheets online for your convenience.

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