How to Pick the Right Curtains for Your Home?

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When it comes to decorating our home, we think of everything to make it perfect. Yet we tend to ignore some of the little things that actually make a big difference. Curtains are one of them. Whether its window or door curtains, sometimes they do not get the attention that they deserve. But the fact is that a curtain goes a long way in maintaining the beauty of a room and is cost-effective. They should definitely be not an afterthought but a priority. Choosing a wrong curtain can spoil the overall look and feel of the entire home. In order to avoid this, let us discuss the basics of curtain shopping.

Fabric and Color: it depends on the mood of the buyer. Whether you want the curtains to blend or stand out from the rest of the decor. Pick the same color yet a few shades darker for blending or a bold or different shade to distinguish the curtain from the rest. Fabrics include cotton, silk, velvet, rayon etc. You can flaunt different prints or go with a solid one. Go with the mood.

Privacy and Ventilation: Curtains are not just used to enhance the beauty. The main purpose of a window curtain is to keep away an unwanted eye to peek inside the house. At the same time, make sure that your home gets proper ventilation that is needed. The material of the curtain should be selected accordingly. For example, sheer curtains are not recommended for privacy but they look great and creates a wonderful natural ventilation.


Length and Width: The length of the curtain that just hits the floor or a window sill is ideal for kitchen or bathroom where long drapes are not practical. On the other hand, curtains puddling on the floor creates a more relaxed and romantic feel ideal for living or bedrooms. The width completely depends upon the purpose and look of the curtain.

Hang in Style: There are mainly two options of hanging the curtain – hang above the frame and hang wider than the frame. Hang above the frame means the rod is placed 4 to 6 inches above To make the window look taller and hang wider than the frame means the rod is extended 3 to 6 inches beyond the window frame on each side. The different types of heading such as pleated heading, rod-pocket heading, and tab-top heading are preferred. The use of differently styled rods such as classic, return, track and tension rod adds to the overall style. In addition, a tieback acts as the icing on the cake.


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