How ‘Serenia’ Can Remodel Your Bathroom Completely

We spent a great deal of time in our respective bathrooms for hygiene and refreshing ourselves after a long tiring day. It becomes a must-utilize space after returning home during the monsoon. However, sadly, not many individuals care to upgrade or even beautify their bathrooms, skipping it as a mere necessity than a luxury. Now it’s time to change that for once and for all by getting shower curtains online.

To, keep up the spirit, Skipper Home Fashions launches it’s all new exciting collection ‘Serenia’. As the name clearly indicates its deep connection with the water and thus, it is made up of the materials that can withstand continues exposure of water and moisture without ruining it at all. The collection Serenia offers of primarily shower curtains online along with laundry bags.

Let’s explore each section separately:

The Shower Curtains

There is a range of shower curtains, each unique in designs, color combination and pattern. You can choose from geometric, plain solid color or a splendid Ombré combination. Add a hint of fashion in your bathroom, while enjoying your daily bath. Apart from updating the look of the overall setup, it also enhances the overall experience of bathing rituals.

Shower Curtain

The shower curtains of this collection are made up of Polyvinyl Chloride, which being water resistant, makes an ideal choice for water prone surface of shower and bathtub. Being of measurements of 70X78 inches, it is a perfect fit for most bathrooms. Cleaning them involves no mumbo jumbo and a simple wash in the machine or by hand is sufficient, however, bleaching is neither needed nor recommended.

Shower Curtains

Laundry Bags

The best complementary product that goes with shower is laundry bags. It is a must have a product that comes handy for you to keep your dirty or worn clothes until it is finally time for them to go through the laundry. It helps you to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.

Laundry Bags

Since several times the clothes to be washed can be wet, all the laundry bags of the collection Serenia has been made up of Polyester, as it is water resistant material. It comes in a dimension of 16X21 inches and thus, can hold a significant amount of clothes and stuff. In order to keep it clean, all you need to do is to wipe with a wet cloth and it is as good as new.

Laundry Bag - Skipper Home Fashions

Also, as a bonus, the collection Serenia offer a matching laundry bags of every shower curtains. Thus, you can purchase one of both and your bathroom is ready to flaunt its new fashion sense.

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