The History And Evolution Of Tablecloths

Fabrics play an important role to beautify our home even more. Let it be the ready-made curtains, bed sheets or table cloths, they are more than just pieces of decoration, but altogether it gives a unique touch to our home décor as it has been doing for a long time. But exactly for how long? Let’s find out in this article.

You may find it difficult to believe, but table cloths have been a part of civilization for nearly 2000 years. Surely it has evolved a lot since that time. For instance, at one point of time in civilization, tablecloths were used to wipe hands and mouth after finishing a meal, something nobody does in today’s scenario. But isn’t it amazing that even people with no ‘home décor’ objective found these extremely important?

Tablecloths - Skipper Home Fashions

The earliest record of using tablecloths dates back to first AD in Europe, thanks to the poet named Martial, who happened to have mentioned these fabrics in his work. Before this period of time, the tables used to be heavily carved and ornamented, thus, mitigating any need of tablecloths. The pioneers of these fabrics were pieces of plain clothing aimed to deal with the mess and spills.

The royal Roman Emperor Charlemagne, on the other hand, had his tablecloth made up of asbestos, presumably, to flaunt his status. This trend gradually became a sign of nobility. These became popular among every class of people, even the poor used to have tablecloth made out of hessian sack.

During the medieval period, the trend of using finest white linen as table cloth began. The higher the rank one holds in the society, the whiter and well maintained his tablecloth expected to be. As the linen was an expensive material to afford and lots of master craftsmanship was needed to keep it preserved, the tablecloth was like a parameter to show off one’s status and wealth. It was also considered as a family heirloom and passed from one generation to another as a part of a will.

Tablecloths - Skipper Home Fashions

After twentieth century, the household often displayed their family tablecloth in linen press, so that other people can see them. The tablecloths in this era were usually decorated with patterns and borders. Since the wealthier used to possess larger tables as compared to common folks, their tables would be covered with multiple tablecloths, spread one over the other. Gradually the table runners and table toppers also found their space among the culture and remained a part of our lives till now.

Even though today, it’s not a family heirloom and in fact we change several within one lifetime itself, make your home décor as gorgeous as possible. Whether it is ready made curtains or bed sheets or table cloths, decorate your home with pride.

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