Go Bold with Red Velvet Curtains this Christmas!

Red Velvet Curtain

Are you confused on how to decorate your favorite night for friends and family get together? Yes, we refer to Christmas Celebration. Christmas is for joy and love, for giving and sharing, for fun and laughter, for coming together with family and friends, most importantly for a Celebration. This is a perfect time to decorate your home and give it a new look altogether. Home decor is vast and no stone should be left unturned while renovating your house for such a special occasion. Surprise your guests with the use of Velvet this Christmas and make it look luxurious. This year add a sparkle and shine to your home decor by getting new curtains. Go bold this Christmas and make your home cheerful with Red Velvet Curtains from Skipper Home Fashions.

Velvet means Red. Red velvet is a must have in our homes which adds an extraordinary look and royal feeling altogether. Velvet, just like gold and marble, represents the word luxury. Whenever we think of the word velvet, we think of personal wealth, class and status. It was discovered during the 19th century when only the rich could afford the use of luxurious velvet. Since then, the gorgeous fabric is being used in many ways from dresses to upholstery. The other most popular use for velvet is making of curtains. Due to the thickness of this material, it blocks out maximum daylight in comparison to other materials. In addition, velvet curtains whether plain or embossed add a royal feel to the entire room. You can match your curtains with the fabrics used on furniture pieces within the room to give a uniform richness. A clever use of velvet fabric can create an illusion of wealth without spending a lot of money. You can also use a combination of red and green to make it look more traditional on the eve of Christmas. A contrasting combination of red and green curtains with blue, white and silver decoration will add to the original Christmas spirit.

Make this Christmas Celebration different and full of joy by giving a fresh and new velvety look to your house. The use of red color will definitely compliment the Christmas decoration in the best possible way. Your guests will be thrilled to look at the new look of your house and will enjoy to the fullest. Let us make this get together a memorable and unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.





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