The Evolution of Shower Curtains – From Privacy to Fashion

No matter what temperature and weather you are exposed to, taking a shower is always advisable. Well, it is more enjoyable in summers, no doubt about that. But, on an average, we spend 1.5 years of our life in the bathroom, taking shower. While talking about shower, there are few things that cannot go unnoticed. Soaps and shampoo are musts, but we are talking about the online shower curtains here.

In any modern bathroom, you will find these pieces of fabric beautifully hanged to compliment the beauty of the entire bathroom. It makes the shower time more comforting. The history of the shower or bathing goes really back, perhaps pretty soon after they realized, taking a bath makes them less dirty and more energetic. So, we will skip the part trying to decode it. Instead, we will focus on the evolution that the shower curtains have till now.

Shower Curtains

At first, the bathing places used to be more public and thus, shower curtains were installed solely for the purpose of providing privacy. It was made up of purely clothes, thick enough to serve this purpose. After a while, people began to use multi colored drape to beautify their bathroom.

With time, the shower moved into the main house itself. Now the floors were needed to be protected from the water spilling. Cleaning and drying the floor after every shower session was not an option. Initially people used a sheet of plastic as a protective layer. Later, the water resistant shower curtain entered the market. This trend is being followed till date.

Shower Curtains

Even though you may come across several online shower curtains made up of fabrics, but they are almost always installed in the bathroom along with an inner curtain made with PVC. When the trend of enclosed shower became popular, it was believed that the importance of curtains will come to cease. By looking at the statistics of purchase of online shower curtains, we can assume that it didn’t happen and most likely never to happen either.

Today, you can find one for yourself from a wide variety of shower curtains both in online as well as offline stores. It is available in several materials, such as cotton, silk, plastic, each one with its own sets of perks and benefits. Even though it still serves the purpose of providing privacy as its top priority, it is also a style statement in this fashion obsessed world.

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