Eager To Change Your Old Bed Sheet? Buy Bed Sheet Online

In this present 9 to 6 schedule, none possess a little bit of time for going to shops on weekdays. Even in weekend everyone looks for an outing to some places where they can enjoy, have fun with family and friends. It is really a scaring task to go for shopping in congested markets, to bargain with the shopkeepers, hopping for right choice from one to another stores.

In this present technology based world, you may not get time to shop for your home on regular basis. Hopping into the local market for home décor items sound to be a tiring job and an outdated concept of shopping. Nowadays, you can buy necessary home decorating materials from home furnishing stores in India that are located online.

Bed sheet belongs to those products which are essential in our day to day life. Every house displays a great demand of variety whether it is in design or in quality. Now many women have fascination for making creative bedsheet designs as per their preferences. If you belong to this category of inspired women and want your bedroom to be as beautiful as the ones you come across at home furnishing stores in India, we’re going to illustrate how you can make multi-color bedsheets at home.

Essential materials:

  • A white color bed sheet according to your bed size
  • Fabric colors- red, purple, green, yellow, pink, black, brown & pink
  • 4 Lids of a big container that are of round shape
  • 4 Lids of a comparatively small containers of same shape
  • A huge palette
  • Sewing machine
  • Curving Lace
  • Tarpon oil, if necessary

Step-1: Put various colors on different palette

Pour various colors that we are going to use. Here, we used colors like red, purple, green, yellow, pink, black, brown, pink.

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Step-2: Take the lid and put into the color

Now take four lids of big size container as well as four small lids and put it into the colors of the palette. Make sure that just the edge of that lid are dipped into the colors.

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Step-3: Put the round shape color mark on the bed sheets

Take various lids of different colors and different shape and put its round shape mark on the white bed sheets. In this tutorial, we have taken 4 different lids for four colors that we have poured on the palettes. In this way, mark the entire bed sheet with colorful circles in a jumble way but don’t make it so congested that it looks odd.

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Step-4: Take the lace and sew it over the entire corner of the bed sheet

Now you need to stitch the carving lace on the bed sheets through the edges.

Here we have taken different lids but you can use a single big lid and a single small lid to create it. Remove the color from the lid by using tarpon oil several times. You can also choose small palette or any useless container to pour the color.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Finally, your multi-color bed sheet is ready to rule your bed! Wondering when to showcase the newly learnt trick? With the festivals knocking at the door, Now is the perfect time!

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