DIY Tutorial – Valentine Heart Cushion Covers

Valentine’s Day is finally here; it is time to celebrate the last day of this very special week. It is going to be a long wait of another 11 and a half months before having excitement for this love-filled week. So why not make this day special for your loved one? For this occasion, you can easily get any valentine theme online cushion covers in India.

However, let it be the favorite food for your valentine or a perfect gift, nothing beats the joy and the satisfaction of making them with your own hands. So this valentine, instead of getting an online cushion covers in India, make this lovely hearty cushion cover for your loved one yourself.

Materials required

  • Regular cushion covers, preferably white
  • 3-4 Fabric pieces
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • Sewing machine


Step 1- Draw the Outline of the Heart on the Tracing Paper

Take out a tracing paper and draw the heart of dimension 10 cm x 10 cm.

This is not a hard and fast rule, feel free to draw the heart of measurements that suits you. Also, you can draw hearts of various measurements.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper Home Fashions

Step 2- Cut out the Hearts

Place the heart outline on the fabrics and cut out 5 heart pieces with the help of scissors. It is recommended to use 5 different fabrics for better result. You can choose various shades and patterns of red. You can also experiment with other colors as long as it contrast right with respect to the cushion cover.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper Home Fashions

Step 3- Place the Hearts and Stitch

Place the heart in a line on the cushion and secure it with pins. After ensuring its arrangement, stitch it with the help of a sewing machine. In case you don’t have one right away, you can also use thread and needle to secure it.

It is better to use red thread to cover any traces of the hearts on the cushion cover.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper Home Fashions

Step 4- Make a stitch across the hearts

Once you are done with stitching all the four hearts on the cushion cover, make a thick kantha stitch across the middle of the hearts using a black thread. It should look as if the hearts are bound with the thread.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper Home Fashions

Your handmade valentine cushion cover is all set. Make a couple of these, place the cushions inside and toss them on the couch. Enjoy some quality time with your valentine and makes this day memorable.

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