DIY Tutorial – Old Cushion Covers Into Messenger Bags

New Year is here and of course you are changing into a new set of home decor, especially the cushion covers, you can buy online cushion covers in India at reasonable price, if you know from where to. But what do you do with the previous ones? Mostly, it either serves as kitchen towel for a while before it gets thrown away or given away to others.

But what if you could do something useful with it? Sounds interesting right! Here we are with our DIY tutorial, and today, we will tell you how you can convert your old cushion covers into a handy messenger bag for yourselves.


  1. 3 Cushion covers, preferably of similar pattern for a smoother finish
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing machines
  4. Needle and thread
  5. Pins
  6. Zipper
  7. Ruler


1. Collect the fabrics

Thick fabric is preferable over the polyester ones so that your outcome is more tensile. This way your bag will serve its purpose and will carry several items. You will use one cover entirely for actual bag, one for its handle, and the third one for its inner lining.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper

2. Make the bag

Take the linen cover inside the main cover and secure its ends with pins. Now push the corners to meet the ends of the outer bags. Stitch the ends thoroughly to comprehend the parts as a single purse.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper

3. Make the handle

Take the third piece and cut out thin double straps. A total number of three would give a sufficient length of the bag. After cutting out, sew them one after the other to get a long handle for the bag.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper

4. Stitch the zipper

If your cushion cover already has a zipper, it saves you from this step. Otherwise, first secure a zipper of same length over the open portion of the bag. Then carefully stitch it to provide some decency to your bag.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper

5. Stitch all the parts together

Place the handle carefully, over the sides of the bag and stitch it all together.

Note- don’t panic, if you don’t have a sewing machine readily available. You can use a needle and thread equally effectively. After all, a needle is mightier than a sword.

DIY Tutorial - Skipper

Your messenger bag is all set for you to flaunt it on your shoulder. Thus, next time, when you buy online cushion covers in India, choose a good one. It may one day compliment as your bag accessory.

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