Diwali Special Home Decoration – DIY Shining Curtains

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Diwali is knocking at the door and it will be excellent when your room is shining with sparkling light, as the sky is flickering with the bright colors of crackers. If you wish, you can buy such rare and unique curtains from online curtain stores. But, if you are eager to revitalize your creativity and want to make curtains by yourself, our DIY Tutorial will be right choice for you.

In this tutorial, we are going to make Diwali special Shining Curtain:

Things you’ll require:

  • A dark blue ready-made curtain
  • Cream color flowery lace
  • Some white stones
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissor
  • Tape
  • A fine net

Step-1: Measure the horizontal length of the curtain

In this step, we measure the horizontal length of the curtain and take the proper measurement by using tape.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-2: Cut the net and lace

In this stage, net and lace is cut as per the measurement of the curtain.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-3: Stitch the two- net and lace

After finishing the cutting process, the cream color flowery lace is stitched with white net so that it looks like a single net.

Once done, we need to stitch the net and lace to curtain.

In this step, by using a sewing machine, we are going to attach the net and lace with the curtain. It is important to mention that, while attaching the lace and net, equal space must be left between two attachments.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-4: Place the white stones

We join the stones in a zip zap way; in the vacant place which is left between the two net joining.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Flaunt the shimmering fabric on the window! From sunlight to LED light, when any ray reflects in the stones, curtains as well as the entire room will be shinning.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

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