Colorful Shower Curtain – Online Curtain Store DIY Tutorial

Color is the identity of life. Black and white life seem to be boring in each and everyone’s life. We all want to add some color in our life. With festive season around the corner, it is a great time to cover up your house in some magnificent colors. As curtain is one of the most important home furnishing material , you can find lots of online curtain stores. In these online curtain stores of Kolkata, your search can come to an end.

But if you are not satisfied and want to create something new and unique design for your home, you can take a chance to make it with the help of our DIY tutorial. In this tutorial, we are going to prepare a colorful fashionable shower curtain.

Important materials that are used to make colorful curtain:

  • Cream color shower curtain
  • Five fabric color-red, purple, sea green, yellow, brown
  • A color brush
  • Tarpon oil
  • Tape
  • Cream color lace
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissor
  • Five wide spread containers

Step-1: Stitch cream color lace

In this stage, cream color lace is attached to the cream color curtains. Here, a sewing machine is used to stitch properly. Cream color lace is stitched along each side of the curtains.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-2: Pour five fabric colors in five containers

In this second stage, we remove five different colors as mentioned above and pour these colors in five different containers.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-3: Dip brush into the color

In this step, we first dip the brush in red color and give a stroke in the cream color curtain with that color. Then we wash that brush with tarpon oil properly so that the red color is removed. Now we dip that brush on yellow In the same way, sea-green, then purple, then brown, then again yellow, red, sea green, purple color strokes are painted on the curtains.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

Step-4: Soak the color

In this stage we need to soak the color of the curtain. While giving the strokes we measure the stroke size with the tape as each and every stroke need to be accurate and proper in size.

Skipper DIY Tutorial

In this way, the colorful shower curtain is ready. Hang it and get appreciation from your loved ones this festive season.

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