6 Tips to Remodel Your Interiors for Durga Puja

Durga puja is one the biggest festivals in India and it is the main festival of Bengalis, in every corner of the world. While celebrating the auspicious day with brand new clothes, sticking the old set of home fabrics does not seem very tempting, is it? So, get a new set of home decor fabric this

here we bring the set of fabrics, that you must get on this auspicious season of Durga puja.

Here we present the list of fabrics you must get from a home furnishing store

1. Bathroom set

The day of puja starts with a refreshing shower. And what can be better than an all-new bathroom set comprising of a shower curtain, bath mat and several other accessories for the toiletries? Also, don’t forget to toss an indoor mat right outside the bathroom to avoid slipping in a rush to kick start the festive day.

Bathroom Set - Skipper Home Fashions

2. Door mat

All the pandal hopping does bring a lot of dirt and mud in our home. You can keep them at bay by placing an outdoor mat on the entrance.

Door Mats Online

3. Table mats and coasters

The puja season brings the perfect excuse to enjoy a wide variety of food items. So, bring home few of coasters and table mats to enjoy the takeaway dinner and midnight snacks without even a hint of caution.

Table Mats

4. Bedsheet and duvet

The entire 10 days of the Durga puja is very exhaustive so, rest in the night, or day, whenever you can. A restful time spent sandwiched between a cozy duvet and a new fresh blanket is just the thing you need to charge your mind and body for another fun day.

Bedsheet - Skipper Home Fashions


5. Curtains

While discussing the topic of sleep, the importance of curtains in it should not go unnoticed. Thus, get some new curtains, particularly the solid, black out curtains to help you block light and get a quality time of rest.

Curtains - Skipper Home Fashions

6. Cushion covers

Festive season brings lots of friend and family to your place. Though a heart can accommodate as many, the limitation of bed is restricted to few. So, for the extra couple of folks visiting for the occasion can rest on the couch. And what couch looks good without nice cushion covers.

Cushion Covers - Skipper Home Fashions


Are you still holding to the old fabrics even during the puja season, because of limitation of the budget? Well, you won’t need to anymore as the furnishing ka mahamela is set to enhance your shopping experience by providing a heavy discount of furnishing items. So, make Skipper Home Fashion, your home furnishing store this season.

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