5 Things to Think Before You Shop for a New Bed Sheet

Think before you act, is something you have heard many a time in your life, but it is extremely necessary to follow when it comes to shopping. So before you decide to buy bed sheets online, keep a list of factors to ensure to get the best sleep at night. To make your shopping, a stress-free experience, we present you the list of factors that you must look out before swapping the card of yours.

Pick an ideal store

The store matters a lot from where you are to buy bed sheet online. Most of the best home fabric stress in India offers both name brand and house brand bed sheets. Going for them is often the better choice because when it comes to fabrics, reputation precedes the actual purchase. Also, they house a wide range of bed sheets, in terms of color, patterns, material, size and also price.

Get the right measurement

The last thing you would want to do after getting a designer bed sheet is to struggle and fit it into a different sized bed. Thus, make sure to get proper measurement beforehand to avoid such mismatch. Also, keep in mind that several fabrics can shrink up to 7 percent of its original spread.

Bed Sheet

Keep note of the washing instruction

No matter how careful you are or for how long you use them, the bed sheets are going to need washing after a certain period of time. Thus, the washing instruction is quite important as well. It is best to go with the ones that have a simple procedure and can be done at home instead of the ones that need extra delicate care and of course loads of money.

Get an estimated thread count

Thread count is an important factor when it comes to buying any new fabric. It simply means the number of threads per square inch, weaved in both directions and usually can be tricky to determine the ideal range. On one hand, the increasing count depicts a better quality, too much count, on the other hand, shows that individual thread is excessively thin and can easily break. It is best to go for the range of 175 to 250 plus.

Bed Sheet

Select the material wisely

There are several materials available in the market from cotton, silk, flannel, satin to blend of various ones. For a good night’s sleep chose the material carefully as per your personal need. The good thing is, you can get them all under the same roof if you know where to look for.

So, now that you are a much more aware buyer, go explore your shopping skills and amaze yourself with new designer bed sheets!

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