5 Reasons To Go For Roman Shades

Whenever speaking of a curtain, most of us simply pictures the traditional curtains, hanging from the curtain rods. But there is one other very special curtain types, the Roman blind. Though we do not see them frequently in households or in several home furnishing stores in India, these can definitely be carved out in the Made to Measure section of the house of Skipper Home Fashions.

But why to go such lengths for getting these customized curtains? Well, check out the reason for the same. The Roman blinds fall vertically from top to the cover the entire length, when in use. When it is not, the entire length of a curtain is folded and stacked at the top. The following five reasons justify having these curtains in home and office.

1. Stylish and simple

The Roman blind, even at its simplest design is a stylish accessory that instantly adds a taste of fashion. They also add a sense of warmth and luxury to the entire room of installation, particularly the solid curtains.

2. Best for privacy and daylight

The roman blinds can be closed totally to get a blackout and also opened entirely to get exposure of daylight when required. However, the opacity of the fabric is a prime factor for the amount of light or shadow that can be obtained. The curtains can be sheer, semi sheer, opaque or semi opaque as per need and purpose.

Roman Shades at Skipper

3. Neat finishing and look

Each of the portions of the curtain is designed with equal dimension. And thus, upon folding completely, ti stays perfectly in shape. This appears as a better interior space, particularly for office space. Nowadays, the manufacturers are even coming with better folding apparatus, trendier than the traditional ones.

4. Easy mechanism

The roman blinds are installed with a chord for control. This chord is synchronized with a lock that enables the function even more smoothly. The most recent pieces are also coming with a remote control, to make the operation even more effortless.

Customized Curtains at Skipper Home Fashions

5. Ageless aesthetics

The roman blind has been in use since at least the past century and due to this feature, it continues to be in use still now. This makes it a worthy investment that would surely last for a quite good number of years.

Even with all the above-mentioned advantages, the choices of getting customized roman blind is very limited. However, at made to measure collection, you can get it done in any of the fabrics you want.

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