5 Reasons Why You Simply Can’t Resist ‘Russet’

Shopping the right fabric can often be tricky, and tiring. When you get confused regarding the purchase from home furnishing in Kolkata, rely on the universal colors that fits everywhere and everyone! And the collection Russet is exactly what qualifies for the same.

Why? As the name suggests, the new collection Russet is a filled with fabrics predominantly in shades of red and shades of brown and, grey and beige. Red is passion, red is life, red is love, but now it is the new fashion sentence as well. In a nutshell, Russet comprises of every homely and subtle blend, ideal for your home.

Russet - Skipper Home Fashions

We present you the top 5 reasons why you cannot resist its temptation-

  1. The amazing Color collection

The Russet collection offers products in a range of colors. You can pick between shades of maroon, grey, beige, brown, rust and purple. As per the color therapy, these colors are soothing and also self-explanatory.

  1. It offers 4 amazing types to choose from

Russet is diversified as well because it offers you four patterns, namely Damask, Swirl, Leaf and Abstract. Each of them has its unique and beautiful characteristics, which will enhance the appeal of your home. The designs are so catchy, it will make you want to have them all.

  1. It uses Superior Material

It is made up of polyester and viscose. The material is quite light and easy to carry. The fabric is very durable and strong and will not need replacement for a long period of time. It also makes this collection ideal for indoor as well as outdoor fabric, even in harsh climate.

  1. It is extremely Hassle-free

Often the beautiful things come with numerous mumbo jumbo with it. But not the ones you will get in Danube. Unlike some other fabric, it does not need soft, fragile wash that costs as much as a new curtain itself. It is pretty easy to wash these curtains, just a regular wash in the machine would get you back in business. Also, it saves you time and money for ironing.

  1. It is absolutely Unique

Surely, you can find several other home furnishing in Kolkata as well. But, the fabrics you will get from Russet is an exclusive collection for the house of Skipper home fashions.

Now, that’s why we say, when in doubt, wear ‘russet’

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