4 Things to Consider before Purchasing Curtains – Home Decor Inspiration

Shopping is a joyful event, enjoyed by most. But sometimes choosing the right product for yourself might come as a confusing task, especially when you are going for home décor materials such as curtains. You can find plenty of home furnishing stores in Kolkata where you can explore suitable home décor materials. But it is often found that even after spending decent amount on curtains, it is not up to the expectations and somehow does not blend with your taste.

So, what goes wrong? Well the answer is – plenty of things; if you do not evaluate your needs properly before purchasing. Here are the four most important factors to evaluate while going for curtains.

1. Readymade or Customised

You can either buy ready made curtains from home furnishing stores in Kolkata or get it customised according to your taste. Though the latter may sound much more exciting, keep in mind that it can get more tiring than you assume. Also, the curtain stores offer a vast range of products with catalogue, which enable you to visualise how will it look once it is hanged in the curtain rod.

2. How Soon Do You Want It?

Needless to say, time is the most important factor in any situation, including this one. If you need it in very short period, going for the ready-made drape will come as a blessing for you, as you can make it happen within as little as one day. On the other hand, if you are in no rush and happen to have all the time in the word, going for the customised curtain is a preferable idea.

3. Proper Size and Material

Sometimes you get so consumed by any particular products aesthetics and style that you completely overlook the two most important things you should look in your curtain – size and material. Keep in mind to check the quality of the material, which can be found easily in the ‘product review’ section on the online page. Also, measure your door/window properly beforehand, so that while purchasing you make the right decision.

4. Blending with Other Materials

Curtains are not just for privacy or to block sunlight, it is an inseparable part of home décor that expresses your taste. Before deciding which curtain to buy, make sure that it blends with other materials such as bed sheet and pillows in order to give a complete look to your room.

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