Why You Have to Have These 4 Magic Curtains from ‘Danube’

As Kenzo Takada had precisely said, “Fashion is like eating. You should not stick with the same menu.” These few words are the founding stones for so many businesses dealing with fashion and beautification. Lately, beautifying the home, especially its décor has been an important and inseparable part of several home furnishing stores in India.

Skipper Home Fashions in one of the best destinations for home furnishing stores in India. The new collection ‘Danube’ awaits you to unlock its beautiful and mesmerizing new collection. The wide range of fabrics will steal your heart and will make you wanna get more of these.

Danube - Skipper Home Fashions

Now, we present you the 4 must-have curtains of this collection:

  1. Traditional

With time, western designs, being different and appealing, are taking over Indian market, which includes almost everything. However, if we speak in terms of Indian embroidery and designs, no one can replace it. The Danube has several of these curtain, each with a unique color blend, perfect for your home.

Traditional - Skipper Home Fashions

  1. Floral

No matter, how many dew designs and pattern hit the market, floral pattern has its own beauty. After all, often it is the most we get in touch with nature amidst our robust life. This curtain is floral design as well, just with a new touch, the designs of Ambi, makes it look even more beautiful.


  1. Striped

It falls somewhere between the traditional and contemporary look pattern. The long vertical stripe pattern makes your room looks taller. It is perfect for the extra-long doors as well. The purple and brown stripes complement each other perfectly in terms of colors. It will complement well with other fabrics of the room.

Striped - Skipper Home Fashions

  1. Damask

This curtain will add a beautiful and unique ethnic look to your room. With these particular curtains, you can transform your room instantly. It is a perfect blend between traditional Indian Designs and modern color combination.

Damask - Skipper Home Fashions

These were one of each type of curtains, we have in this collection Danube. There are lots more, waiting for their turn to impress you. It might look like an easy task to pick the ones, but the collection is so unique and appealing, you might have to struggle a bit.

Now, that you have had a glimpse of the extraordinary collection of the Danube, get your favorite one, more or all, who is judging? Happy shopping to you!!

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