3 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Buying Curtains Online

Shopping is one of those events that are enjoyed by pretty much everyone. But in the last few decades, the concept of shopping has changed greatly from “hopping into stores” to “adding to cart” option. Indeed, what would we do, if we hadn’t have the option of online stores?

Lately, home décor has found its way to your home through online stores. One of the most viewed and bought home décor products is curtains for windows and doors. Online curtain stores offer a variety of curtains for you to choose from. But, often it appears that people make some silly mistakes, which end up ruining the overall look of the home.

Check out the 3 most common mistakes committed by people and how to fix them.

1. Going for the same design curtains for the entire house

It was okay to get your home done in the same color for both interior and exterior few years ago. But now, it is a strict no-no. The same goes for your curtains as well. Never get the same type of curtains for the entire house. Pick different types to complement each room. For instance, your little girl would rather have some Mickey Mouse curtains than the velvet curtain you choose for your own bedroom.

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2. Installing same texture curtains

Just like the color, design and print, its texture and the privacy it provides also plays a vital role. There are several types of curtain material from velvet to sheer ones. You want to be sure beforehand how much lighting you want in which room.

For instance, since you would be sleeping in your bedroom, you would like to have some serious privacy with minimum lighting. Hence going for the heavy curtain is a big yes, preferably made up of velvet. Your living room, on the other hand, would look so much better with sheer curtain, allowing plenty of light to pass, and thus, provides the perfect ambiance to the room.

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3. Taking wrong measurements

While taking measurement for the new curtains, many people ignore the fact that making hem out of the curtains reduces the overall length of the measurement of the curtain. This result in the hanging the curtain with odd gap, allowing light to pass along with making it look out of the place.

It is recommended to add 4 inches of fabric on each side of the curtain as a safety measure, to block the light effectively and to provide adequate privacy.

Curtains measurement

Thus, the next time you buy curtains from online curtain stores, make sure to not make these three mistakes.

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