How the 199 Store Making Everyone’s Dream Come True!!

The 199 Store

“Focus NOT on what you earn, focus on how you spend what you earn”

These few words dictated by Stephen Magnus, often skip our mind while shopping, especially when we buy curtains online. And honestly, it is not a big surprise. It is quite obvious that bills skip the mind while bagging these beautiful fabrics. On one hand, it would be unwise to spend all the money on the temptation of getting new fabrics, on the other hand keeping a track of back calculation (in mind, on the finger, or in the calculator, whatever!) every time, you grab a fabric is also not feasible.

That does seem like a fabric shopping emergency, isn’t it? Well, not to worry because, in order to enhance the shopping experience even more special and stress-free, Skipper Home Fashions introduces its 199 stores, just for you. Does the title illustrate the store collection? No, it does not, instead, it is the price of each item in this glorious collection.

199 Store - Skipper Home Fashions

Each and every item of this particular collection can be yours in exchange for solely an amount of 199. The 199 store has a variety of fabric, and that too in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and materials. These fabrics include curtains for both doors and windows, cushion covers, table mats and doormats for both indoor, outdoor and bathroom purpose. Needless to say, all these are extremely crucial to give a complete look to your interiors. It may seem like it is impossible to get any good quality fabric at such economic price, especially for curtains.

We, at Skipper Home Fashions, however, provide only the best in class fabric for you. We also make sure that you get the best product from our stores, independent of the price range and discount offers. In fact, it is an initiative from our end to ensure that every shopper gets an enjoyable shopping experience of every buyer. So, be assured to receive an absolutely genuine product in advance even before you buy curtains online.

199 Store - Skipper Home Fashions

So, now that buying new fabric is most economic than ever before, throw away the caution into the wind, bag all your favorite fabrics and redecorate your home like never before. But remember, nothing lasts forever, and it is particularly true for fabrics in the discount section of best home fashion stores in India. Go! Make your move now, because of every second count.

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